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Basics Of SEO

The Basics All Business Owners Should Know

As a business owner, you’ve probably heard the term “SEO” time and time again. Many Internet trends die out, but what makes SEO different is that it becomes even more important as the years progress. Most users now go online and use a search engine to help them make informed purchasing decisions and to find the right companies for their needs.

Your business needs to stay relevant and searchable in the online world, which is why you should understand the basics of SEO. Though your small business could always benefit from professional help, the basics can help with startup traffic.

What SEO Actually Does

seo-bar1What basic SEO does is it helps align your website to the industry standards of popular search engines. Most commonly, Google is considered to be the leading search engine.

Search engines use algorithms to help determine the relevancy of your products, videos, and content based on provided keywords. The more favorable your website is, the higher rankings you will achieve.

An Overview Of SERP

More often than not, SERP or the Search Engine Results Page is overlooked, but it is directly linked to search engine optimization. This determines the ranking order of your page after a person submits a search. Small businesses should try to maintain a high SERP score, and it is possible to do so by practicing good tactics.

Keywords Are Important

When SEO was still a new concept, you could just slap some random keywords on your website and get good results. Over the years, however, search engines have gotten smarter. Keywords are still considered to be important, but their integrity has changed quite a bit. Though still crucial to achieving good rankings, keywords now need to be placed in smart locations throughout text, and the surrounding content needs to be intelligent and factual.

Social Media Impacts

Your company can achieve even better search engine placement by making a profile on all popular social media sites. YouTube is a fantastic place to host videos that were filmed by you or your employees. Of course, Facebook, Twitter, and Vine are the heart of online social media, so actively keeping up a presence on these sites is great for business.

Quality Content Is Everything

Keyword jamming is absolutely frowned upon by search engines, and if you persist in doing this, your rankings will drop. However, Google will reward you for “good behavior” which entails a user-friendly site interspersed with quality content. How can you gauge quality? Look at it like this: anything that entertains, provokes thought, or teaches something new is perceived as being quality.

Though search engines are getting harder to fool, you can still incorporate the tried and true basics of SEO to get good results. At the end of the day, good work is rewarded, and a disregard for rules is shunned.